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    Default One Sub Bass Output and Two Input Jacks on Sub?

    I have the RM6750 Sub Bass and Denon 2807 receiver. I have the ability to set the crossover on the receiver, so I would like to connect via the sub bass pre out.

    Trouble is that there is one RCA output on the receiver and two RCA inputs on the sub bass. Which one should I connect? And if I just connect one will I only get half the performance? Would I still be better connecting to the left/right pre-out and set the speakers to large and disabling the sub on the receiver?


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    You can't. The amp doesn't have an unfiltered LFE sub in. Use the main pre outs in the AVR, set the fronts to large and turn the sub to off in the menu. That'll send all the LFE to the fronts and your sub will get it from there.
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    I used a khl sub for a while that had line and speaker level inputs. I used a y adaptor and set the crossover to it's highest position(180 hz) and had no problems. because of the two crossovers (avr set at 100) it just rolled the signal off twice as fast for anything over 180hz
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    You can always buy a Y-adapter.
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    Raeldor, welcome. If you want to use a coaxial cable connection from the sub out on your 2807, you can plug it in to either the L or R input on your sub(they're joined inside the sub). The appropriate crossover to set on the 2807 might well be 120Hz, but you could experiment with other settings(or rely on the auto calibration setting which your 2807 can do). Set the crossover control on the sub at the maximum setting to get it out of the way of the crossover which the 2807 will be doing. Keep in mind that it's also possible to instead use the speaker level connection with lampcord, as Polk suggests, rather than the coaxial cable connection that you're contemplating, but a majority probably does favor the coaxial connection.

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