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    Default Two Center Channel speakers????

    Has anyone wired up two Center Channels?

    I have just upgraded my fronts to RT800i, moved my RT35i to the surrounds, ordered a new SVS 20-39pcPlus sub. I recognize the importance of the center channel and feel my CS245i although a great speaker, might be needing some help since it wasn't upgraded.

    My idea is to get a second CS245i, place them right next to each other on top of the 55" Widescreen TV, and wire in a 2 channel amp to power these units.

    Maybe a Samson 700 which does 230W RMS per channel at 8ohms, which would match great to the 250W RMS Limit of the CS245i

    Anyone have any comments on this sort of setup?
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    I have the 800i's and they seem well matched to the 400i. Sounds like that would be easier on the pocket rather than additional speakers and amps...

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    Man step up to the cs400i if you can find one.I'm sure you can find one cheap now.Sell off the cs245i,it will go.

    2 centerchannels isn't needed.Unless you had a 170inch screen and a 32+feet deep room.
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    I have heard of people going with dual centers before and claim it works beautifully. However they either stacked them one above the other or more preferable one just above the screen and one just below the screen. I don't know about side by side though.

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