I was hammering out the old spare tire mount in the caddy last week. i'm working on putting a "car-puter" in there with a flip down 6" screen in the sun visor and a wireless RF remote so that you can never see the car puter (it'll be hidden completely behind the amp rack). anyway... so i'm hacking away, and BLAMMO there goes the spring on the air-chisel. chisel "bit" (or whatever you'd call it) fires outa the hammer, bounces off the trunk floor (putting an ugly friggin dent in it, but its under carpet so no one will ever see it) and then deflecting up about a foot and a half into the bottom of the EX3's that are in the rear deck.

As I arched my head under, fearing the worst, I was grossly shocked to the point that I started laughing and lit up a smoke... the speaker wasn't punctured... in fact the cone had no immediately visible damage. When I looked really closely, there was was looked like the remnants of a "pimple that you picked too much" on the underside of the cone, but absolutely no deformation, dimple, or anything on the top side of the cone.

I was extremely impressed. So i put a tiny tiny tiny dot of silicone on the 'pimple' out of paranoia, let it dry and turned the system on -- balanced to the left and manually faded to the rear... so all i could hear was that speaker -- sounded just fine to me, no distortion, nothing that i wouldn't expect from a regular speaker that hadn't been shot in the face.

I don't know what the hell cones are made of now -a- days, but 120 psi air-chisel isn't a "mild tap". I'm very glad i dont have to tear the deck apart! :)