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    Default Newbie fabricator

    I'm not sure where to post this question:

    As a new person that is thinking about trying to mod bits and pieces in the ride. Is there a list of "MUST HAVES" that one should have? Example is router, table saw and orbital sander. Those things that one might need to begin building.
    I'm one that is very interested. I have replaced stock with aftermarket equipment in the same location but always wanted to build that amp rack or try a hand at sub box building and do some fiberglassing of things.
    Be well!

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    Add compound miter saw to you list, and a cheap handheld jig saw is nice to have also. A cocking gun with a couple tubes of Liquid Nails is mandatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PolkThug
    A cocking gun
    For all those baaaaad roosters that get in the way.

    Caulk, PT, caulk. Just struck me as funny on a Thursday afternoon.

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    Polk Woodpecker
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    Probably the tools we use the most (major power tools) are a router table, table saw, jigsaw, and power drills. We use a bunch of different hand tools...too many to list.

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