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    Default LCi Speaker opinions and comparisons wanted

    I am finishing off my basement and need some opinions here. Here is a list of my questions that I would like some assistance with.

    1.) Which of the polk inwalls would send best for me, LC265 or RTS105? I am going to be doing about 75% tv/movies and 25% music. I tend to like more musical speakers however. I noticed the performance enclosure for the 265's is larger than the 105's. Would this make them sound better? I can accomadoate speakers up to 7" in depth.

    2.) How do these speakers sound compared to say a good polk LSi15?

    3.) The other systems I am comparing this too are the Klipsch THX Ultra2, AT System 20, any opinions of both would be greatly appreciated?

    4.) The CSW200 subs. How do these sound as a pair versus say two free standing subs like the Klipsch THX subs?

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    Did these questions (especially 1 and 2) get answered anywhere?

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    I will tell you on #4 that you should check out SVS subs. They will blow pretty much every sub away for half the price.
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    whats up,
    1) I would go with the LC series. They are very good musical inwalls not to mention excellent movie speakers.

    2) They are on par. They can be almost as good without taking up any floor space. They cost less and go into the walls. This is a huge advantage.

    3)The Klipsch system is very nice but you must like a bright system. Klipsch are all in your face. Which is really good for theater. Klipsch theaters are awesome. I have Installed many and was shocked on the results. Klipsch also don't need alot of power to sound awesome. You can buy a receiver of good quality and make it all work great.

    4) Inwall subs suck of all kinds. They do not perform anything like freestanding ones. I also don't like the SVS line at all. I have installed a few of them now and I think they are over rated and sloppy. if you want a really good sub to go with your Klipsch inwalls go Klipsch sub. they work very well together. If you go with the Polk system, Look at Martin Logan. There subs are incredible. I can't say enough about them.

    Good luck,
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    Dont see much information at all in this forum about LCi-RTS105 and LCi-RTSFX speakers. Any opinions/advice on these?
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