monday was a very crapy day i went to work and we had a power outage at work when the storm went trough it lasted like 10 min then when i got off i had to drive home and there was no streets lights get home no power with sucked so i decided to see a movie at the theater i went to where they have power and was in the theater it was a 7:40 showing of k19 got my popcorn and pop sat down the played the comersals then the prevews the theater goes dark then the movie is a bout to start and we lose power then they kept us in the theater for 30 min saying they hope to get power back that made me mad

i also noticed that the theaater is very brite there was alot of highs they just seemed to dround out the mids but that was on the movie prevews i defentley think my ht audio setup is way beter than the movie theaters but i wish i had a bigger screen