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Thread: Racing in DC

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    Default Racing in DC

    Now that I have recovered from this past weekend (not from drinking, from the HEAT), I told Nascarmann I'd give a report.
    The track is good, but tight and it's hard to see the cars even from the upper grandstands. We found it best to walk around and check out the action from the infield paddock and the pits. The LMP 900's are awesome, leaving everything else eating exhaust and bits of rubber. The Audi's are awesome with their twin turbos, very smooth and quite. The Panoz are LOUD with a Ford V8, lots of low end torque which was great for this track. It was fitting that the Panoz "Stars & Strips" car won the race seeing that it was in this great nations capital, the crowd really liked that. The Caddies need to do some more work if they want to play with the big boys, but they have a nice car. It's just not there yet. The women...ah, the women are worth the price of admission alone, my tongue was on the ground pretty much the entire weekend and the Tropicana girls....jeez, I don't remember 20 year olds looking like that when I was that age! The only issue was the heat, DC in the middle of summer is not a place you want to be outside in. Alot of the drivers looked like they could use medical attention, something like 160 degrees in the car. Nobody was sure if this was going to fly, but the crowds were large and I'm going back next year. It's great having a professional race in your back yard.
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    This was on a street coarse wasn't it? Yeah....I really like the Panoz.....sick and tired of the Audi domination? Read where the factory is ready to pump some big bucks into the caddie program. It sounds like you had a good time...that's all that matters! Oh...Tropicana girls...
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