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Thread: Reality cables

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    Default Reality cables

    Just received a bi-wire set from Gregg Straley of Reality cables.Very nice man and willing to come to your house and make a personal fit for you.Anyone in the Chicago area needs to check out his cables.My first impressions after a 2-hour jam.....They let you hear more into the music.Notes are more defined with a bit more air around them.Definition without being in your face.His cables are not shielded,and for me,thats what Butler recommends for their amps.No problems.They are a bit stiff though and are not going to fit into tight spots.Me thinks I will have to try his IC's.Anyone here tried them? Also he is very reasonable in price and no...they are not like Anti-cables.I can give Mr. Straley a big thumbs up and encourage all to give him a try.You will find great reviews over at Audio circles.Now back to more listening and Holiday cheers to all!:)
    legacy Focus 20/20
    Butler tdb 2250
    Pioneer 59AVI
    Pioneer BDP 320
    50 in. Pioneer Kuro pdp 5010
    FX 500 surround
    Reality cables
    Pioneer elite vsx21
    Sonos-Cullen mod.
    Audio Metallurgy GA-0 digital
    PS Audio Quintet
    Cary Xciter dac

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    Congrats Tony. Glad you found a good fit.
    Michael ;)
    In the beginning, all knowledge was new!

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