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    Default Use RTi28's as side surrounds, or FXi30's, in a 7.1 setup?

    Guys, I have some questions for you all regarding surround speakers for 7.1.

    I currently have in my theater, RTi70's, CSi40, FXi30's on the side walls as side surrounds, and am preparing to mount RTi28's on the rear wall as surround back speakers. I really like the way the RTi28's sound. I am pondering whether or not I should grab another set of 28's and put them in the place of the FXi30 sides. They would be aimed at each other, basically about 2 feet over my head. Get it?

    What real benefit does the FXi give? I have always been a smidgeon skeptical of the bipole/dipole thing, and they are certainly more expensive than the direct firing bookshelves. Somebody talk some sense into me!

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    Hi Shawn! The FXi's will give you a more disperse sound vs the "direct" sound of the RTi28's. I'd stick with the FXi's for the sides. RTi's would be okay for rear. This would be my choice!

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    Thats the exact same speaker setup I have. Keep the FX's on the sides and the 28's in the rear.
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