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    Default Sealing around a 10"

    I have a pair of the infinity perfect 10.1's and just received a pair of the q-logic boxes for them from Crutchfield (the boxes I received do not come with the qxe ring that the better ones do).

    The sub has a smaller Dia. then most subs of the same size so I am running right up at the screw hole on the subs to the opening on the box. The gasket they give you with the perfect is the crapest gasket I have ever seen!!! like 1/8" wide maybe.

    The subs dia is 9" and the box is 9.25" being this is the smallest Q-Logic opening on there boxes for sealed 10".

    Does any one know where I can get a good wide gasket so I can seal off around the sub or can the qxe ring be bought seperate that will help seal my sub off without having to build a SMALLER TOPPLATE FOR MOUNTING THE SUB TO.

    Thanks Donny

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    try weather stripping from home depot

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