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    Default Why we have angels on top of trees

    Yeah I know, some people use stars too but here's the story anyway, passed to me by a friend!

    One Christmas season, Santa was frazzled! Rudolph was sick and didn't know if he could lead the team. The other reindeer were getting out of hand with thier reindeer games and getting in the way of the elves doing thier work.

    The elves! now they had a labor strike earlier in the year because Santa was cracking down on them for only wanting to bake cookies like thier friends at Keebler. So the toy production was very far behind.

    On top of that, Mrs. Claus had sent Santa to the doctor who told Santa he had high cholesterol so she was getting on his case about all those servings of milk and cookies he was going for. She even packed him a snack of celery sticks and bran muffins so he wouldn't eat the cookies!

    Then the mechanic told him that the sled's problem was it needed a new left handed knibblin' pin and he didn't know if the part would make it in by Christmas Eve.

    Then the Christmas Tree lights went out because Domenic, The Italian Christmas Donkey chewed through the power cords!

    Everything was falling apart and Santa was starting to lose it! He started grumbling about the miserable elves only wanting to play and how he should send the reindeer to the glue factory and he started crushing his bran muffins in his hand and said "If I see one more tree! So help me God, I'm gonna stuff it where the sun don't shine!" Then he realized he was getting out of control and totally lost the Christmas spirit. He took a few deep breaths and prayed to God and said "For hundreds of years, Christmas has gone off without a hitch! Why now? Send me a sign! Some help! Please!" Then the door bell rang.

    Santa opens the door and there is an angel there with a tree and he says "Hey Santa! Want to buy a Tree?"

    Well, that's how the angel got on top of the tree!
    You're just jealous 'cause the voices don't talk to you!

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    Hehehe good story ;)

    Actually, this is what we have on top of our tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michael_w
    Actually, this is what we have on top of our tree.
    The Boogey Man?? :)

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