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    Default New system hook up

    THis is my first post so please be patient
    I have just become the proud owner of a yahama RXv-2600
    a pair of polk audio LSI-25s and a Lsi C center chanel speaker
    I have a pair of polk bookshelf (dont know the model) for rear chanel
    and an old Cerwin vega 400 watt 12" sub.
    I am not knowegable in this gear and I am wondering
    is this a decent set up
    and what is the best way to intrigrate the Cerwin Vega sub into the system with the Lsi-25s or is it even advisabel
    the cerwin vega has no LFE input only line in and direct speaker connections
    Thank you in advance for you help

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    Congratulations on the new system, and welcome to Club Polk. Since you already have the CV sub, I would go ahead and hook it up to the system using the line level input. Set the volume control to 12 o'clock and turn the crossover to its highest setting. Then place the microphone that came with the RXV2600 as close as possible to where your ears will be for normal listening. Once you run the YPAO optimization, it will have set the proper volume levels and distances for each speaker and the subwoofer, as well as made corrections for room acoustics with its parametric equalizer.

    Things you may wish to consider to improve your system would be using a separate amplifier for the LSi speakers, using matching LSi speakers for the surrounds, or upgrading the subwoofer.

    Have fun!

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    What would you suggest fo a second amp
    I have several older stereo amps would one of them do?
    And when hooking up the LCI-25s to the rxv-2600 do I use the lfe conection on the amp and if so how do I get the connection to the lfe connection on both speakers
    and do I set the volume leves and crossovers on the LSi-25 subs to the same setting as the cerwin vega
    Sorry for all the questions but obviosly I dont know what I am doing
    but I want to learn
    Thanks Glenn

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    Welcome Glenn & congrats on your new system. Use your old stereo amps to power the LSI's. You would plug them via IC's into the preout imputs that are in the middle & at the bottom of the back of the receiver. Hook the speakers up to the separate amps & enjoy. See the picture below.

    I always recommend getting 200wpc amplifiers for good speakers. Especially the LSI series. Look into Outlaw Audio, Rotel, Sunfire, B & K etc.
    Sunfire TGP III PrePro, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 405wpc 5 ch. Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Onkyo TA2600 Tape Deck, Pioneer Elite 47-A DVD, Sony 32" XBR TV, Polk RTA-8T Main Speakers, Boston VR-920 Center Channel, Boston PV-600 Subwoofer, Polk DSW 400 Subwoofer, Polk FXi-3 Surround Speakers

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    Welcome. sounds like a good start. :)
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    Hsu ULS-15 Quad Drive Subwoofers
    Sony PS3
    Squeezebox Touch

    Polk Atrium 7s on the patio just to keep my foot in the door.

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