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    Default SDA CRS for Home Theater

    Dear all,

    Well, I finally convinced my wife to let me remove my SDA CRS's from the garage. Standard story follows (there is a real question at the end after I finish venting):

    I purchased these awesome speakers in collage (didn't drink/party so I had lots of cash) and loved them, but not as much as my wife. "Those are ugly and too big!" so we have been using a crappy little Sony desktop stereo on our TV for music and movies for 12 years.

    I was getting desperate because she wanted to get "one of those Bose systems that my friend Chris has!" I have always disliked Bose speakers and the little cube guys drive me nuts. So, when she was away I pulled my even older S4's (1983 vintage 16" high. Good sound, but no bass) out of the garage, bought a cheep Insignia (Best Buy Brand) stereo receiver, and hooked this up in my study to the computer.

    "Wow, that sounds good!" Step one completed. I found over time that she would go upstairs to listen to music just to hear it over those little speakers.

    As Christmas approached I let her know what I would really like is to use the awesome pair of speakers in the garage. So I got another cheapo receiver (Insignia 600 watt 6.1 (Model: IS-HC040917)) and hooked those old guys up. They sounded so good. Perhaps I've just gotten used to junky sound and anything would have been better. But to me it sounds great.

    So step three is to flesh out a surround system, which is where I'm looking for advice.

    I've got the SDA CRS's and I need a center, rear satellites, and perhaps a sub woofer. My room is about 12' wide and 18' deep and 8' ceiling.

    Polk recommends the CSi5 to go with the SDA series. I'm thinking that with the fact that the rest of my equipment (reciever, DVD player) being low end, it may not be worth the price. I'm also stumped on the sub-woofer, which these guys need.

    What I'm looking for is accurate sound at moderate levels for progressive rock and classical music under stereo. For movies my primary goal is a good experience with very clear dialog. In fact, clear dialog is more important than big base or high quality surround.

    I'm thinking the following:
    Cs1 for center
    PSW10 for sub woofer
    two RM6751's for the rear L and R.

    Am I going to regret this choice? Will the CS1's sound bad with the SRS's?

    Any experience/suggestions would be great!


    - Eric

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    Wow... cool that you keps your CRS's all this time.. they deserve to be used.. and not sit idle.. anyway.. i think for your situation.. and possibly budget.. you are on the right track..

    If possible.. upgrade your receiver. doesn't have to be anything high end.. just a little more quality. Think about an entry level Denon perhaps. It will be more pricey than the Insigna, but the sound will be much better.. better components.. so it'll rock your system.

    Fun times ahead for you.. enjoy.

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