i found a pair of speakers in a car at a wrecking yard, and i was unable to indentify them. They are Polk, and that's about all i can say with any certainty. Each one has a midrange/highrange(about 1-1'4" diam.) and a tweeter(about 3/4" diam.), and they are in a one piece plastic housing that holds the two separate tweeters. (They are NOT built on a single basket, like a coaxial speaker, with the tweeter in the center of a woofer, but instead are side by side more like a plate speaker.) The overall shape is roughly like a pear, or two circles of different size connected by tangent lines.

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something like that. if anyone knows how old these speakers are, as well as the reccomended wattage and their frequency response i would apprecate it. don't really want to blow them since they seem to be in good shape and sound decent.