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Thread: Powering LSI-9s

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    Default Powering LSI-9s

    I'm new to Club Polk and just have a quick question. I have a pair of LSI-9's for the front speakers in my HT set up. I am powerng them with my Denon 2805, but am thinking of adding a separate power amp (at least a 2-channel), to help with the 4 ohm load. Is this necessary given that I really don't listen to my music that loud, or will adding the separate amp help with the quality of the sound from the speakers too. Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, it is necessary. Your Denon is not designed to run 4 ohm speakers. And yes, a separate amp will improve the quality of the sound.
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    Welcome to CP and I'm not trying to be flippant with this comment. Use the search feature this has been covered soooooo many times. There is a lot of good info on your question.

    Short answer is: Absolutely, yes without question, don't give it a second thought.

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    I use a 5 ch Parasound great

    That would be my suggestion

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    We need a couple of stickies for basic questions like this. I mean, it crops up so often it would be convenient if we had an F.A.Q. Section devoted to these type of questions.
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    It would run ok for two channels but no more. There is a good chance it will go into protect if you engage multi-channels.
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