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    Question Replacing RM Series II Speakers

    I've blown up my last pair of RM Series II Speakers. This time one of the kids sat on the volume control until it went to "10", but I have to admit I've done it twice before. My center channel speaker has never had any issues, but the 2 satellites seem to go too quick.

    I'm cheap, but I'm using them for my Home Theatre and don't want them to blow up again (even if I want to shake the neighbor's windows).

    Any thoughts on replacements? Can I get away with the RM6801/RM101s or RM6901/RM201s or should I look at something else.

    Thank you for you help,


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    My first question to you is: what are you powering the speakers with? The most frequent cause of blown speakers is too little power in the amp.:( When the volume is turned up, the amp goes into clipping, driving the speakers w/ square waves and lots of harmonic distortion--often accompanied by an acrid smell or even smoke coming from the poor speakers. Bigger speakers will not sove that problem, just get you larger repair bills when you destroy your expensive speakers.

    Cheers, Jim

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    Thanks Jim. I'll check my amp and let you know what I find. I got called away on a business trip so it will have to wait till this weekend.

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