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    Default New to Home Theater. Have a ?

    I just purchased the Polk 6005 package and all I can say is wow on the sound. At first I had a Kenwood AVR and it sounded good with this. Yesterday I decided to upgrade that as well to a Harmon Kardon AVR340.
    That was the best thing I have ever done. Sorry for all this but I love the sound which brings me to my question. I was wondering if I should upgrade the cables hooking my sources up as well. Also the speaker wire I have is just cheap stuff that came with my Kenwood HTiB four years ago.
    Will I notice any difference in sound if I upgrade these items.
    Thanks to all who respond.

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    IC's & Speaker Wire are part of the whole package ...

    So ... imho ... In a word ... Yes ...

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    yes! That old speaker wire is probably thin 18ga wire..
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    Welcome Ralphy!

    Check out for well made IC's & Speaker wire at reasonable prices.
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    Check out cobalt cables as well. also check out audiogon, they usually have some good buys if you stay away from the 5000 snake oil stuff.
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