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    Default What's at fault?

    Okay, something weird is going on with my system. I've only noticed this a couple times, but it's enough to make me concerned. And I can't distinguish what unit(s) is/are at fault.
    So far I've only noticed it while playing PS3 (as that's currently the only component I have hooked up). For a split second (truly like for 1 second, no more, no less) the display goes black and clicks back on. The color and brightness are not as defined when it turns back on, but reach full brightness within a few moments.
    I want to say it's the TV, but it was doing something similar where it would shut itself off entirely, and I'd have to turn it back on myself. I've since had the TV serviced for that. I'd honestly rather it be the TV... maybe they'll replace it for me or something. But could it be a surge protector or receiver issue? (The receiver is being a passthrough currently for HDMI to the display)

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'll keep my eyes peeled for further faults in the meantime. Thanks guys.

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    I had a similar problem with my PS2 and it drove me crazy. It was a bad power cord and/or connection. I would wiggle the cord and the picture would come back to normal, but the color would lag a few seconds behind. Not sure if it's possible to be the same problem on yours considering it's probably new, but worth a suggestion I thought.


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