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    Default RT800 spkrs blew tweeters - could my crossovers be bad?

    New to the club...need help.

    I have a set of RT800's and I blew my tweeters (both of them) last year. I like to listen to them loud!!

    I ordered replacement tweeters from Polk customer service and installed them. I still don't hear the high tones like I used to before I blew the tweeters. Is there a chance I did damage to my crossovers? They really sound "strong highs", but mid range and base tones sound just fine. Almost like my tweeters aren't being driven very hard. I can hear that they are working, just no power behind them.

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    Unlikely that you damaged the crossovers. To me, it would be more likely that the tweeters are either different versions with slightly different performance characteristics, they are not installed identically, or they just aren't broken in.

    How do you know that you aren't getting the same highs? Did you chart the frequency response previously and then again afterwards? If not, go get yourself a radio shack SPL and do a frequency sweep. The results might calm your worries as it might be all in your head.
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    Silk replacements vs. Tri-laminates like the originals were is the only thing I could think of. But I don't think it's supposed to be all that noticeable. Softer, yes, but "perceptible only because you know" softer.

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