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    Default MM465 6.5" Component System RMS?

    What is the rms for the MM465 6.5" Component System? Is it 25w or 150w? If it is 150w rms, then what is the peak wattage, like 300w?

    What 4 channel amp would you recommend running to two sets of these component systems. I was thinking of the Phoenix Gold titanium zx475ti which is 75w RMS to each channel (4 channels). But then the speakers will be under powered if they are 150w rms, which the amp would in return ruin them because it would be clipping and sending distorted signals when turned up at high volumes. At least this is what I was told. Your suppose to send the same amount of rms wattage or higher to the speaker as the rms rating the speaker can handle, right?

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Dave

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    The RMS power rating for these speakers is 150 Watts.
    The purpose of the 25 to 150 Watts specification is to give
    the user a minimum and a maximum recommended power
    spec. If you plan on playing them at higher volume levels, then definately use a larger amp and this will reduce the chances of
    distortion caused by "clipping" the amplifier. More speaker damage is caused by under powering rather than over powering
    them. we recommend setting your low pass and high pass crossover points between 80 to 90 Hertz.
    If you use the high pass filter on the Phoenix Gold amp, I don't think that you will have any problems unless you are trying to play them at concert hall levels. Just use common sense and enjoy the system.

    Happy Listening!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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    Thumbs up PG ZX475ti amp w/ MM465 system

    The Phoenix Gold ZX475ti amp is AWESOME with the MM465 components! :D

    I drive a 2001 Nissan Altima GXE. Both my amps are Phoenix Gold. I have had the MM465 6.5" components for my front stage for a little over 1 year, using the PG ZX475ti...... The sound is incredible! I have turned it up high enough to start getting some distortion from the MM465 comp's, but that was way above any safe listening level..... most people who ride w/ me can't listen to it as loud as I can and I can't possibly listen to it loud enough to worry about distortion.

    For rear mid-bass, I run two Polk/MOMO 6.5" mid-bass drivers from an MM465 system (the shop had to work it out w/ Polk to sell them separate) in my rear deck.

    For subs, I have two MM120's, powered by the Phoenix Gold ZX600ti amp..... which gives me beautiful, clean, deep, hard BASS! {ok, enough adjectives! ;) }

    This is the second car I have run this combination of speakers and amps in. The MM465's and the 6.5" mid-bass drivers in the rear performed equally well in both setups, but the new installation of my MM120s into my new Altima is like night and day compared to the installation in my '97 Camry, it's so much better. It's gotta be the box design and the head unit change (from Eclipse 55040 to Alpine CDA-7873). If you're interested, email me and I can send you more detailed information and some pictures.

    Anyway, basically, I just wanted to say the PG ZX475ti is a great amp for the MM465's.
    "Deke", a.k.a. Dedrick J Lund
    diehard Polk/MOMO fan!
    2001 Nissan Altima GXE Ltd. Ed. (Titanium Frost):
    - Alpine CDA-7873 CD/Receiver
    - Phoenix Gold ZX600ti amp (2-ch)
    - Phoenix Gold ZX475ti amp (4-ch)
    - Polk/MOMO MM465 system (fronts)
    - Polk/MOMO 6.5" midbass only (rear)
    - (2) Polk/MOMO MM120 subs
    Install: Chris (a creative genius!) at Circuit City in Riverdale, UT
    -- email me for pics (available soon!)

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