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    Default Ohms, Volts, Impedance -

    Ohms, Volts, Impedance, oh my!

    With my limited knowledge and some light reading I believe I'm ok with my latest purchase of the VPC passive pre. I'm just looking for any other advice/suggestions or confirmation that I'm thinking about this correctly.

    cdp Output Power: 2.2V (don't know the output impedance -can't find it anywhere)
    AMP Input Impedance/Sensitivity: 33k Ohms/1 volt

    Interpreting simply in terms of volts seems pretty straight forward - have enough to power amp but don't increase volume on pre past equivalent input voltage of amp. ??

    I'm going with the basic principals found in the link below. My only concern is not knowing output impedance of the CDP. Do I assume since it's 2.2v that I won't have a problem? My connects are 1m or less.

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    You'll be fine.
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