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    Default Fosgate Audionics FAA 1000.5

    Hey all,

    I happened to pick up one of these puppies for a good price and I want to know if this is ok to use with the SDA 1C's. I don't think that it is a common ground amp. It uses 5 separate power amp modules that I think use 5 separate grounds. From what I can gather, it is basically 5 mono blocks in a single chassis. I like this amp and got a killer deal on it, right now doing duty bi-amping my MB Quart Vera's with the 5th channel powering the center channel.

    Though I would like to try and use it with the polk's but I think that I need to use the other style SDA interconnect to do this properly.

    Any thoughts?
    Chris Nicholls

    Polk SDA 1C's
    Sony GX99ES Receiver
    Sony CDP X555ES CD Player
    Large MB Quart Speaker collection!

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    They need the SDA cable with a transformer on it. Darque Knight would probably have far more information on how to make one if you can't find one. Otherwise, you could just send it to me and I'll send you a common ground amp... ;)
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