I'm starting a remodel the downstairs room we use as a family room/HT and in the process moving to front projection. I'm also taking opportunity to do a little speaker switcheroo. Right now I have been running rt55s as fronts, dual rt7 centers, rt15 front effects (Yamaha DSP stuff) and fx500i as side sorrounds. Upstairs in the living room I have my older pro-logic reciever with a pair of rt7s for mains, phantom center and the satilites of a rm3000 set up for rears. I just purchased a cs400 for the center downstairs and I just inherited another rm3000 setup.

So that is the inventory I have right now. I've been thinking to have the rt55s and cs400 as the front stage, with the rt15s remaining as front effects. Then selling the fx500is and replacing them with the rt7s and moving the other rt7s to work as rear surrounds. The room is about 28Lx13Wx7H. I'm not set in stone on this but figured it gave me the best setup in the important room.

Upstairs I've wondered about using the 4 RMs in the living room mounting the fronts on the wall and continuing to use a phantom center. But then I wondered if I should look for something better for a fronstage. Maybe some rt3s, rt5, rt35 and a center, etc. Eventually the downstatirs digital receiver will move to this room so I'll have a digital set up there. Right now in the upsrtairs room, music is occasionally streamed from itunes, we watch tv and the little kids will watch a dvd. If I'm really trying to enjoy some music or watch a movie, I'll take it downstaris. Any advice would be appreciated!