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    Default Pioneer Elite BDP-HD1

    Whats up people,
    I Installed the first one today which the damn things have been on back order like no other. Pioneer Kept pushing back there release date and we kept selling them.So today I got to Install it ona Pioneer Elite 50 inch 1080p set and man let me tell you all about it. The Picture was without question the best picture quality I have ever seen. The depth of that player on that tv was breath taking. I sat there and just was amazed.
    I have Installed all the current player both Blue Ray and HD DVD and this new Pioneer ELite is by far the best so far. The new Sony is up there as well as it has killer video playback but there is something alittle more crisp about the BDP-HD1.
    One thing I like also about it is the fact it has a Ethernet port on it. Alot of the other Blue ray players do not so updates have to be loaded VIA software disk. That kinda suck to me.
    The down side to this new player is it's slow like the rest of them. You have to wait and wait until it's good and ready to be used. I thought due to the fact waiting all this time for it to come out, Pioneer would have worked out all the bugs but NO, it's slow and thats the only thing I don't like about it.
    I want a new DVD player but I think I will wait and see what else pops up from Pioneer and others. Pioneer Elite has been over the years the best DVD players in there price class. I find no other brands topping them as well as there plasma tv(which I'm also considering for my livingroom). Right now for me, I'm gonna wait and see.
    But if anyonme is ready to jump, cheak out the new BDP-HD1, it's effin killer man. Sony's is nice 2 and for the price difference I'd still go with the Pioneer ELite.

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    Thanks for the info. PE Makes great stuff. I hope to demo one soon. Nice to see they are fianally out. That PE plasma is Awesome. I cant wait for the price to drop. Thanks
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    I'm also a bit PioLite fan. My A35R integrated and DV-59avi are probably my two favorite pieces. Work as they should every time, beautiful externally, and produce sound and video quality like few others, especially at their price points.

    I'm not that eager to get into HD-DVD / BR knowing my 59avi isn't far behind in terms of PQ.
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    I'll second that on the PE 59AVI.The picture is stunning and on audio playback it's better than the 79 avi.
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