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    Question Lacking in high-frequency response

    (I posted this in the "Vintage" section, but it may fare better here)

    I have 4 M3's from the early 90's (wedge-shaped black resin housing) that all seem to have very little high frequency output. Two I purchased and two were given to me, but they all perform the same. I compared the sound with the same receiver into Infinity SM-82's and Bose 191's, and aside from the SM-82's "brightness", the M3's were truly lacking in high-frequency sound. I haven't used the M3's in two years due to moving, and they have been stored in the open on elevated shelving and never damaged. Removing the tweeter screens did not seem to help. They're nice little speakers; is there a replacement tweeter? Could the crossovers be degraded over time?

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    Is this something that you recently noticed? i.e. - has it done this since they were new, or did you just hook them up and notice that your treble was turned to -10?


    Either way - might be worth a call to polk customer service. They would at least be able to give you an idea of what they can/should do and let you know what you can order to help fix them.
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    I had used my 1990 purchased pair as a surround, then second "B" pair in another room origionally, and did see they were more "warm" than my Infinity SM102's, but thought that was the design. After a 2002 move, my friend gave me the second pair and I bridged in additional tweeters to make up the difference for all four playing in my pool room. Now married and ANOTHER move had me pack them away. Hooking them up receintly gave still the same sound as a few years ago: no highs. Thanks for your response; I'll contact cust-svc........

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