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    Default Need amp suggestions

    I recently picked up a pair of Paradigm 9 se MkII speakers for a good deal:D I hope. Anyways want to use them for a bedroom rig. Was wondering what would be a good amp to use with them. I had thought about just picking up a reciever but my OCM amp blew a fuse on my main rig and I am really noticing the differece between my SDAs powered by it and them powered by my HK reciver. So what I think I am looking for is either an integreted amp or a good power amp preamp combo with remote hopefully. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would like to keep it as low as possible but would be willing to spend up to 400 if it would be worth while. One last thing someone local to me is selling a Nakamichi reciver 2 for 150. Would this work or is it better to spend more?

    Sorry for the long post:p

    Derek Murray

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    The P-dimes are a pretty efficient speaker and easy on an amp speaker. I'd use the HK with them and get a good integrated for the SDA's.

    The nak would work with the P-Dimes, although I don't think it sounds as warm and nice as HK, but thats a personal observation.
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    thanks for the suggestions

    Derek Murray

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