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    Default Help: I-Sonic DVD Tray Won't Open

    I just got the I-Sonic system from polkaudio. So far I'm loving it, the sound is really impressive, better than my previous audio setup. But the DVD tray isn't working. Everytime I go to DVD/CD from the menu selection or press Eject, it goes to the DVD/CD screen but the tray doesn't open. All I see on the screen is "loading disc" and it stays like that. I have yet to put in a disk :( I tried disconnecting the system and leaving it like that for half and hour, but it still won't work.

    I'll try leaving it unplugged overnight, but if that fails, anyone know what I can do?? Thank you.

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    Send it back and get another one.

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    Call Polk. They have top notch customer service and should be able to help you out.
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    Hit it with a hammer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by F1nut
    Hit it with a hammer.
    As a former Marine we often referred to it as a BFH ( Big ****ing Hammer)
    Shoot the jumper.....................BALLIN.............!!!! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherardp
    As a former Marine
    There are no "former" Marines. ;)

    Have you tried excessive cursing and swearing. That usually works for me.

    ...... the contact Polk Customer Service has been the best idea so far.
    You'll get results.

    ...... in the meantime, though, try a few curse words.
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