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Thread: SDA-1C drivers

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    Default SDA-1C drivers

    I just recently bought a set of SDA-1C on E-bay The left speaker was perfect it had MW6510 and MW6511 drivers. The right speaker had three bad drivers I called Polk to orders new drivers and was told the MW6503 replaced the MW6510. I bought 2 MW6511's and 1 MW6503. But I have a MW6510 and the New MW6503 on the same side. They look different and feel different. Did the MW6503 replace the MW6510 one for one?, and do I need to buy another MW6503 so both drivers are the same. Also how will this effect the balance with the other speaker that has MW6511's and MW6510's. Vs the MW6511's and MW6503's. thanks in advance for your advice


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    Welcome to Club Polk. You can ask Ken with customer service what he thinks about driver situation. I would also feel kinda funny knowing that the drivers were different. They have excelent customer service at Polk, and I don't feel that they would mislead you on speaker recomendations. Let them know you are a club Polk member to get the discount, and I would just buy the extra driver if you feel the need.

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