Ok about a month ago I had to disconnect my subwoofer box from the back of my Jeep so I could haul something that was too big to fit with the sub box in it. Anyway I disconnected it without incident. Oh...just some background on the setup...the subbox has two amps connected to it...one on each side. One is set up to the front speakers and the other runs the subwoofer. Now a couple days ago I went to reconnect the wires and I got them all back the way they were (99% sure anyway:) ...) And so I turned my system on and all I got was still the back speakers (which I have been listening to for the last month since I have not had the sub box hooked back up). So obviously something is not right. And the two big wires that are coming from under the seat that hook into the sub box ... last time I made the mistake of touching them together accidentally and got sparks and kinda hurt myself ( I remember this from disconnecting wires once). Well these two wires are not live anymore....I found this out because I took the chance and touched them together to see if I would get sparks just to see if they had juice. Well they didn't so something is wrong there. What's the problem and how do I fix it?