New at this,anyway 5/6 years ago bought all polk for my surround system.Used it for about 4 months gave up on it.Could never get it to work right.Got the basement redone and I;am ready.Question is the fx300i rears,lost the mounting instructions on were and how.One of them would have to be mounted in the middle of a wall, if I;am thinking right.Considering a mini or ceiling.Or just stick with the 300,s.It did sound good when I had it working.Dont want to spend a ton of money,all ready did that,an never used it,but I;am ready.It is an open basement 20x26 7'ceilings,viewing area 13x20
samsunghls5687w tv
harman/kardon avr320
fx300i back
rt800i front
csi40 center