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    Default RM6750 base mgmnt / speaker setup

    Have wired my speaker setup as shown on page 6 figure 6 in the the manual but no sound from sub and fronts. center sounds fine and surounds produce but seem weak. Could just be me. When going throught the "Basic Setup" on my Yamaha HTR 5950 6.1 receiver the following options are chosen
    room size = m
    subwoofer = no
    speakers = 5 (which accurately displays on the receiver)
    When receiver goes through a check tone, all speakers respond equally accept the sub, For obvious reasons?...When I mute the TV (Sony Bravia lcd 1080P) and activate the receiver volume, only the center and surrounds respond.
    Checked wiring config and polarity and all seems OK. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    problem solved

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    Default Yamaha 5940 and Polk RM6750


    I need to clarify the subwoofer crossover setting and setting for the subwoofer / Front speakers.

    I have the connection advised by Polk - Amp Front +/- terminals connected to sub's speaker input +/- and sub's output +/- connected to front left / right satellites. Now, my question is about the settings in Basic Setup and Sound Menu of the Yamaha 5940 config.

    I have the following settings:

    In Basic setup, Subwoofer = Yes (is this correct?)

    In Sound Menu-> Speaker Set option of Manual Setup :
    Front speakers : LARGE
    Surr: SMALL
    Center: SMALL
    BASS OUT: Subwoofer
    CrossOver : 80 Hz

    Sub's Freq. setup at 100 Hz.

    Would really appreciate if someone can confirm the above settings or suggest the optimum setting of the reciever/ sub for the best listening pleasure for music and 5.1 Dolby Digital ?

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