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    Default Pre-construction brackets

    We are building an addition and installing RC80i in the ceiling in the family room. Is it essential to use preconstruction brackets. Does the speaker rest in the bracket or does the bracket just mark where the speaker goes? Thanks.

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    I'm not positive on that particular speaker. I was an electrician, and many speakers are designed with ears that turn out and rest on the Sheetrock. You should call customer service at Polk and ask them. If you have the speakers already it should show mounting options in the manual.

    Good luck

    Oh yeah Polk has great customer service so don't be shy.

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    Welcome to Club Polk and good luck with your new addition. Post some pictures for us, don't be shy!

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    You can do it either way, using preconstruction brackets just makes for a cleaner installation as you don't have to cut the ceiling open (and possibly make an error).

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    Default Mark the floor - cheap alternative

    The preconstruction brackets will hand down below the joist 1/2 inch just like a rouhged in can light. The drywallers will then cut the drywall to match the bracket.

    Another alternative is to find the center of where the speaker will be and use a plumb line and mark the center of the speaker on the floor. Bury the speaker wire above the mark and come back after drywall and mark the center on the ceiling and cut out the hole per the diameter of the speaker.

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