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Thread: Wiring question

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    Default Wiring question

    I am building my dream room in the basement. I have it framed out and have an electrical question. I was planning, actually already ran the lines, for eight outlets to plug my equipment. Should I plug into these outlets or get a power conditioner and plug everything into that unit. -I have a surge protector built into my main electrical box.

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    If you have not done so already, be sure the wire(s) running to your panel are hooked up on their own dedicated 20amp circuit. This will keep them separate from any lights and or switches that may have dimmers on them.

    As for the power conditioner, I ran two dedicated lines of 12\3 & 10\3 wire for my equipment but ended up just using the 12\3 line since all of my equipment goes thru my power conditioner. No reason why I chose the 12\3, I just did.

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