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    Default vinyl to CD using Mac?

    It's time to get a new computer--my nasty old PC (running Win 98SE) has to go.:p
    My daughter and brother are both recommending I buy an Apple Mac (NOT Mac mini.) I am in the middle of a long term project transferring old vinyl and tape to CDs. I see that there is a program called Toast 8 from Roxio that claims to have tools for doing vinyl to CD, but I am wondering:

    1) Is the sound card in the Mac adequate to the task?
    2) Is Toast 8 suitable for the job?

    Thanks for your help!

    Cheers, Jim

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    I'm not at all familiar with Toast 8, but as for the soundcard, you can certainly grab a USB/Firewire M-Audio soundcard for the mac that will be much better sonically from the mac's built-in soundcard.

    Honestly, Toast 8 probably does the trick fine. Just make sure you stay away from any sort of dynamic compression and you should be good.
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    Thanks. I'm feeling better & better about going w/ the Mac.

    Cheers, Jim

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