hey, i got a ? on bridging an amp and a sub, im pretty new to the car audio deal, so maybe someone with experince can help me out...
- sub--- TS-W3002SPL 12' sub, 3000w max, 1000w rms, Dual Voice Coil
TS-W3004SPL uses two voice coils, each at 2 ohms. This design offers you the flexibility of turning it into either a 1-ohm sub (voice coils connected in parallel), an 4-ohm sub (connected in a series), or powering the voice coils separately (dual 2 ohm loads).
-amp--- pyramid crystal, 2 channel, 1600w max power, # 800 Watts x 2 Output @ 4 Ohms
# 1600 Watts x 1 Bridged Output @ 4 Ohms
- i do not currently have them bridged and i was wondering if bridging them will work, and sound better if it does? both of these units are in the trunk of my car, any help is grealty appriciated