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    Default Nice Car Audio Equipment For Sale

    In hopes of saving more money to move out of my apartment I have decided to sell my car audio equipment from my show car that I sold last September.

    This equipment is open box brand new in my opinion.

    I had it in my show car for a couple months in a box however the box was never powered up or wired so essentially this gear has seen 0 use. I do believe I have all the original boxes for the subwoofers and amp.


    2 - Kicker S10L7 Square Solobaric woofers. Dual 4 ohm configuration


    Kicker 1200.1 w/ certificate

    Accessories all Brand new in packaging:
    Stinger 80 amp relay
    Stinger 200 amp relay
    Stinger 70 amp circuit breaker

    Accessories used:
    2 Farad capacitor
    Numerous fuses, fuse holders, wiring, ill include whatever I have that you want.

    Basically, if the price is right(which im not sure how much I want for it) I will sell it. If not, I guess I'll use it.

    I'll try and get some pics up tomorrow. You can go to my cardomain page in my signature link and see most of the gear.

    $800 takes all or best reasonable offer.

    Let me know,



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    That amp might actually be a doable size. Now, you wanna hold it for me for about 8 months?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
    Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my money.
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