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    Default yes, Yes, YESSS! good article on hi rez audio format

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    The article has some valid points but forgets one major problem: 98% of all owners have a crappy sound system, or rather, one not adequate for differentiating the details between a high quality source and a low quality source.

    The iPOD generation has beaten down good music. It's tough to think that the members of our forum are getting the shaft since the market is clearly against us, but it's true. It has become harder and harder to find decent recordings, and I have no doubt, sadly, that that trend will continue. To market music, it needs to be able to play through mp3 players stock headphones. They need to compress it down to a lossy quality to fit it 10,000 of them onto an iPOD.

    Sucks, but it's true.
    Lovin that music year after year.

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    The small lables will continue on with SACD/DVD-A, they only need to sell a few thousand to make money, thank goodness.

    If something better sounding comes along I am all for it.

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    I am still not sure which formats make a difference to my ear. I also laughed at myself to discover that in some side by side listening tests I was apt to prefer not the input with the higher bitrate, but


    the input with the higher volume.

    (In my experience, cranking the volume is the best cheap ass audio enhancement around.)

    That is the BIG TRUTH.

    Next big truth is cranking the bass up a little.

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