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    Default center channel upgrade

    I am new to this forum and I am looking for feedback about upgrading my center channel speaker. I have recently purchased a new polk RM10 package consisting of 4 rm10 surround speakers and the center speaker that comes with it. I purchased a velodyne dps-12 sub, a yamaha HTR-5960 receiver and a samsung DLP 50". It's all hooked up in a 16 x 22 foot space. It sounds decent. A friend of mine has a new csi3 center channel speaker that he will sell me for $100. Would this match my system. I've heard that properly matching speakers to one another is critical in a home theater setup. I've asked what timbre matching means at some retail stores and I didn't get the impression that they really knew either. The system will be used for mostly HDTV and movie viewing. I could see myself adding some decent front speakers at some point. Any advice?

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    the CSi3 probably won't be an exact match to your RM10 mains. See if your friend will let you borrow the Csi3. If you like it go for it. If have future plans to upgrade, you'll be one step ahead if you choose to go with the Rti series. $100 for a used Csi3 is about right.
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