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    Default Tweeters Seem Harsh

    Its been a long time since I've owned a set of Polks. (ex wife sold mine while I was out of town 6 years ago) I just purchased a set of SDA 2b's and replaced all the drivers with MW6503 drivers. Being out of town working I only had my brother-in-law's Onkyo HT receiver to test with. The tweeters seemed way harsh for some reason. I don't remember my old SDA's being this harsh. These new speakers will be connected to a Jolida SJ 801A tube amp with a Luxman D-105u tube CD player. My amp has no bass or treble controls and I'm wondering if I'll have the same harshness when I hook these up. Is there a replacement for the tweeters to bring down the brightness of the highs? Possibly a mod? Thanks in advance for the help. Chuck.

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    The Jolida will almost certainly sound better. Seach threads for SL2000, they have a documented spike (almost +5db) centered around 12Khz-13Khz. There is a replacement silk dome available direct from Polk that cures the spike, and sounds much better overall also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo_luver
    replaced all the drivers with MW6503 drivers.
    The 2b's use MW6503 for the stereo drivers and MW6511 for the SDA drivers. I'm not sure exactly what the differences are but I don't think they're interchangeable.

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