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    Default Paradigm vs Polk

    What is your opinion on the Paradigm monitor lineup compared to the Polk Rti lineup for just music and overall speaker value, build, and sound.

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    Given such limited info,well, Polk, their build and value to dollar is awesome.

    We could do better with, type of music? components driving the speakers? normal volume listening level? room description/demensions? budget?

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    Did you get a chance to listen to them side-by-side. Last weekend I went to a store and listened to both the Paradigm and the B&W. Though I did not have an opportunity to listen side-by-side against my RTi's, the Paradigm reminded me of the sound of my RTi's. In other words without an A-B test, I was not convinced that the Paradigm sounded any better than the speakers I already had. Of course your ears may vary.
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    I've listened to the Paradigm line a few times. I'm not familiar with their model line up, but I was listening to their fairly high-end floor standers, I think the "Monitor" series. I didn't have the opportunity to A/B them with Polks. My impression is that they are certainly good speakers and they looked well-made. The Canadian companies (Paradigm, Axiom) seem to have a dedicated following, though the build quality of the Axioms has been considered mediocre by many.

    My 2 cents: Paradigms are good speakers and reasonably good value, certainly worth a listen if you are starting from scratch. I have a couple of friends who have Paradigms and they seem quite happy, have not had any problems. Of course whether they are better or worse than Polks depends on your ears.

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