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    Default HALO A23 Static noise - replace w/ Vincent Stereo Power Amplifier SP-331?

    Hey Guys,

    I just received my new LSi15s. Wow! They look amazing . . . notice I say look. Recently, I noticed a static noise coming from my left RTi8 Tweeter. After isolating some components and swapping some wires, I've determined the left channel of my HALO Parasound is bad!!!! Has anyone every had this issue?

    On to the brighter side of audiophile life, now I need to buy a new amp. I loved my HALO. Should I buy another one or try something different? I was thinking tube amp. Does anyone know anything about a Vincent Stereo Power Amplifier SP-331? The price is similar to the Pararsound.

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    If you like your Halo, just get it repaired. You'll probably need to get it fixed anyway to sell it.
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    Yeah, I'm definitely going to get it fixed. I'm just itchin' to try something new.

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