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    Default SDA2'a not 2b's?

    I just pulled one of the drivers and on the back it says MW 6510 which means they are 2a's and the innerconnects are blade blade. Am I correct in thinking this and does it really matter which model they are?
    I am more than happy with them no matter which model they are and thank you guys in directing me to the SDA line. I probabley would have bought a pair of Bose 901 Series VI if I did'nt look into this forum. I also saved some money so far, I only paid $175. for the pair and would have spent $750 on the 901's. I say "so far" because I am afraid the SDA bug is getting me. I am thinking in the future, a year, I will need 1c's or TL's. Thanks Drew

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    Yep, sounds correct to me. Enjoy!
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    I have the 2b's only because it's what came up locally for sale. Some find them decent while others love them. I'm somewhere between like and love with them. Here is a post with the SDA 2 driver differences.

    You mention almost buying the 901's. Was this because of sound or size? The SDA CRS or CRS+ (compact reference system) might interest you. It's the one up front on stands and is worth checking out before going to the larger models.
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    Thanks for the info. I thought about the 901's because they sound great and space is not an issue. I really like the SDA 2's and am working on buying a receiver and amp. Then a Polk csi5 and I'll be set for awhile. Maybe if golf season goes well this year I'll upgrade to the TL's.

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    Shhhhhh say anything but Bose around here ;)

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