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Thread: Panny RP91

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    Smile Panny RP91

    Just got a Panny RP91 from off the Bay and WOW the difference it makes sonically. I popped in Twister in DTS and heard crap I'd never heard before, and I've watched that movie at least a dozen times(Helen Hunt-hubba hubba). can't wait to hook up the CSi3 from George Daniel this weekend. The HT is starting to come together. Just need a little more power to help the 8's out and I'll be there. Thanks to everyone for all their suggestions and help.

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    Yep, as I've said before, the rp91 is a lost gem in the audio world. I could replace my Denon 3910 (which replaced a Sony SCD-1, which replaced a Meridian G08) with it and still be happy, sonically. Actually I've still got a couple rp91's around that I need to put to work somehow. The amp & especially speakers make more of a difference beyond this point, IMO. George will hook you up with that stuff ;) Did you get the champagne or black chassis?

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    Wowo that is a nice looking unit you got there. did you get a good price?

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    Champagne chassis-looks awesome. $100 shipped.

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