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    Default better sounding HT/Music setup???

    what would be a better sounding 5.1 setup for HT and Music listening (sub not a variable)???

    option 1: RT5 fronts, CS250S center, RT3 surrounds (same tweeters on all speakers)

    option 2: RT7 fronts, CS350LS center, RT5 surrounds (mixed tweeters)... i think the front is matched (trilams), but the RT5 is different

    option 3: RT7 fronts, CS250S center with trilam 'upgrade', RT5 surrounds... not even sure the center would sound right with the trilam???

    option 1 would be the cheapest for me... option 2 would be ~$200 more, and option 3 would be closer to 2 than 1 (if I could acquire an SL6501 trilam to swap out).

    any thoughts welcome.

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    Default or...

    option 4: RT7 fronts, CS350LS center, RT f/x rear (trilams all around?)... most expensive option (unless I could sell my RT5s for more than buying the f/x).

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