I have two Polk RT5's and two Infinity RS 2001's..both approximately the same size (RT5 is 1 inch deeper). Son-in-law has two polk 10's and two Wharfedale W-70's. He hasn't "found" his ideal amp yet, so we're using my Pioneer SX-3800.

We'd like to do a comparison of the two sets of speakers to determine which is better for the main listening room.

I'll be testing in the finished rec room downstairs. It's about 20x35, with a pool table in one half and overstuffed couches against the wall in the other half.

The 2001's came with a 20in. stand, but the Oak color is different, so they may not be original. I have the Polk 10's on angled 4-6 in aftermarket stands . I'll probably move the couches to the middle of the room and place the speakers against the wall.

Main question is...how were the Polk 10's designed to be used?? Flat on the floor?, raised?, raised and angled? The RT5's are wall mountable, but will they work well on the 20 in. stands..or??

I'll have all week to play with them, as wifemate will be visiting relatives until Friday nite I'd like to A-B both sets for a while, then listen to one set at a time for a day, looking for the ideal setting for each.

Harvey/ Ga