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    Default custom kickpanels

    i was wondering if there is anyplace perhaps online that would fabricate some custom kickpanels (besides qforms) for my '96 Jeep Cherokee. i was wanting some that would fit a pair of Polk's MM6's, and i cant seem to find anyplace around here that would do it, also, i have neither the time nor knowledge of how to do it.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Q- Logic

    I know that they sell kick panels for a component system @ all Best Buys. They run about 199.99 and that's with installation. For Custom kick panels, I believe if anyone would attempt to even try and fabricate some kick panels they would charge a whole lot. Just FYI.

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    hey you can always ghetto rig it. it wont look as good as fiberglass, but its worth a shot....

    1/4 inch birch plywood

    simply "copy" your current kick panel... and make another set out of birch plywood.. identical to what you have.

    then, build a small decent looking "box" for the speaker out of the same material (leave one side off as you'll be screwing it to the panel you just made and then it will "seal").

    that oughta cost you 20 bucks and 1 day labor and if you carpet it or just paint it with some textured paint (ralph lauren "sandwash" -- 9 bucks for a quart, and a quart will do 7 subwoofer and it'll look fine.

    i've come to realize that even though some of the work people do on their own isn't as good as fiberglass or "real custom work" would look, it has its own unique character and the owner as well as anyone that sees their vehicle gains a real appreciation for it. --- besides... dick around with it enough times and you'll have figured out how to glass them sooner or later :o)
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