i'm in the process of putting together two home theater systems, one for my main and one for the bedroom.both systems will see more use in home theater mode. both systems will be HK powered for now, both 6 way systems with 40 watts in the bedroom and 80 watts in the main. i have lots of vintage speakers i can use for fronts but i'm cocerned about the shielding issue. i'm currently using a cs2, some old atlantis 4-ways at the front of the main system with some rt25i's at the rear that will be moving to the bedroom for rears. these guys sound better than i expected together and really rock on music. i also have ar 2ax's, klh model 6's, pioneer cs-99a's,cerwin vega HED's, jbl c100's, polk 7e's?, magnepan smg's,wharfedale radio people, or could take my bose 901's sersies VI's out of my main audio system for use in either system ht system but i've been considering building around the polk stuff that i have (rt25i and cs2) , building a system around each. i don't know how well monitor speakers perform in a HT environment. i don't know how well the two different lines of speakers(monitor and RT) blend together. i don't know how different sereis of spekaers sound together. there is no place close to audition speakers(i live in wyoming) so i have to rely on other sources than my ears to pick out speakers. i have no problem buying used and i'm looking for alternatives in affordable used speaker combinations. size also is a consideration in the bedroom and the rears in the main system will be close to the back of your head. here's some combo's i 've been thinking about but i've got concerns so i 'm asking you !
bedroom main
fronts rt35i, rti38's or mon 60 monitor 60 or rti800,rt8i
center cs245i, cs3i or cs2 cs2 or csi5
surrounds rt25i or rt25i fxi30 ,fxi50,ect

i'm pretty much open to doing anything affordable that would sound good in HT. my budget is open right now but i'm a value guy and don't need new. there are lots of great sounding older speakers out there and i need to know what works well together . i will probably also be putting together one more system for my loft so i have to keep costs down and sound quailty up!