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    Default Parasound HCA-2205 help!

    Looks like there are a lot of Parasound enthusiasts on this forum!

    A strange thing happened last night with my HCA-2205. I was adjusting the H.F. horn attenuator on an Altec Valencia crossover and a spark zapped between my arm and the horn. Now the 3rd amp channel doesn't work - dead silent output, and the overload LED is lit. Measured the speaker, it's at 4.5 ohms on the amp input side, and when you adjust the L-pad to the bottom for the horn, it jumps to zero. I think that's what took out ch# 3. Pulled the cover and both fuses on the board (rear middle of the amp) are good. Any easy solutions to this, or did I take something out? Does anybody have a copy of the 2205 schematics?

    Thanks! Jim

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    First off WELCOME Jim.

    Next let's see if the 3 channel works try swapping input and output for another speaker / feed. Also try turning amp off then on to reset output protection.

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    I think the word blown is pretty appropriate in this case. Parasound should be able to fax or PDF you a schematic.

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    Default 2205

    Thanks for the replies & the welcome.

    No combination of inputs will reset the LED, including unplugging all inputs & outputs. Also unplugged the amp for a few minutes, no help either.

    Just found the posts about the 1500A schematics - I'll do as you suggested and contact PS for the schematic. They were very helpful a year ago, my wife stole the batteries from the remote and lost the battery cover... Called PS, he said if they had any returned remotes he might be able to send one to me. 2 days later I had one in the mail. Great service! I'll send a copy of the schematic to you if they give me one.

    Regards, Jim

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    That would be great, thanks very much. Let us know how things turn out with the repair, regardless of where it happens.

    The CS from PS isn't suprising as its a solid company, and they really back the product. That's a cool experience, thanks for posting it.

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