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Thread: Klipsch KG4.5

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    Default Klipsch KG4.5

    Does anyone own these? Listening impressions?

    Used market value?

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    I used to have 5.2s and 4.2's. Same speaker just used a PR rather than a port.

    Great HT speaker and Rock and Rock speaker. Can crank with best of them.

    Why are you asking about Klipsch speakers on a Polk Forum? Klipsch has their own forum.

    Dont buy into all the crazy specs and what not. If it sounds great to you, then enjoy them.

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    He is asking this forum because a lot of us have owned many different brands and levels of speakers.

    I had a set of KG3.2s that I recently refinished and sold. I almost didn't sell them at they sounded very nice...and I am not a huge horn fan.

    As for pricing, I have seen the 4.2s and 4.5s going for around $200-$400 depending on condition on CL. Like everything, you have folks who think they have gold in speaker form and ask a lot more. But if they are perfect, $400 is reasonable of they are local.
    For reference, I sold my 3.2s for $150 and the guy threw in an extra $30 because I delivered them.
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    I would say in ok condition 125-150-----200 plus very good condition....i have owned them. Nice speaker if your a klipsch listener.without more information/pictures its hard to say value----- i have some KLf-10's that wouldnt leave my doorstep for 400.00 and some wouldnt pay 50.00 for them. Personal preference. Do some research. Google and get idea's. good luck
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    KG4.5's regularly fetch at least $200 around here.
    Nice following for those but I haven't heard a Klipsch speaker yet that I like but I haven't heard many of those so...

    They go well with tube amplifiers due to their high efficiency.
    If you have never heard Klipsch, you should try first as some find them too bright.

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