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    Default Beefing up the Audio in my Mazda

    When the weather warms up I'll be adding the following equipment, replacing the underwhelming Bose system in my 2005 Mazda3:
    Focals for front doors

    Focals for rear doors

    Polk amp for speakers

    Polk amp for sub

    Alpine Sub

    I know its not the best sub, but I didnt want to go balls out as I am not really a bass head - but I wanted enough power and a decent sub, plus I found it brand new on ebay for $100 shipped.

    I was going to buy a Q logic sealed box, but I may build a custom one to fit in the space on the right side of the trunk, between the wheel well and the rear of the trunk.

    I am also going to build a simple amp rack to hide the wiring and mount it in the trunk, to the underside of the rear deck.

    I already received some of the hardware from KnuKonceptz:

    The interior noise while driving is kinda loud so to quiet it down I also ordered a 5 gallon drum of Second Skin Spectrum Spray, 100 sq ft of Second Skin Luxury Liner, A sheet of motor mat for the wheel wells, and some open cell padding to kill any panel rattling.

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    sounds good...but I think you'd be better off not buying the rear door speakers and upgrading your sub(s)... Just my 2 cents. Focals are pretty nice speakers.
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    6.5" mids won't work in the door. The speakers in the door are 6x8s, so you'd need to make a trim ring... but then the excursion of the speakers are going to fap fap fap against the big ol' ribs of plastic behind the grill on the inner part of the door. Been there done that, and currently have the grills ripped out :)

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    I realize that the current school of thought is to keep the sound anchored to the front stage, and using the rears as fill only. While I wont disagree with this opinion, my personal preference is to have 4 channel stereo, at least in my car. I have experimented with removing the rears out of my other car, and I prefer the 4 speakers over 2 fronts alone.

    bknauss - the 6.5s will absolutely fit, but with an adapter ring as you mentioned. To keep the speakers from hitting the grill you need to make sure the adapter ring is 1/4" thick or less. I have installed/assisted with speakers in a few Mazda3s already - a bunch of us meet regularly for car meets. But I think I am going to remove the stock grills as well to bring the soundstage out past the door panels.

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